DELTA Wakesurf Solution

by Channel Outdoors
Sale $498.00
  • Universal design that fits most inboard boats
  • Creates a very clean wake and enahnced shape to create the ideal waksurfing experience
  • The original! Not a poor quality knock-off of MISSION's patent pending design
  • Floats - If it falls in the water, you won't lose it
  • Comes with a custom designed tote bag, suction cup protectors and two drink coolers

Product Description

The MISSION DELTA Universal Wakesurfing System is what you need to get the most of your boats wake. The DELTA was designed to make the ideal wave for wakesurfing in a small, well designed, durable package that is compatible on most inboard boats. It can even improve the wake on boats that have factory surf tabs! The Delta was designed, developed and is manufactured in Minnesota, USA - the birthplace of the first watersport - waterskiing. Through a long and rigorous design process and hundreds of hours testing, the Deltas unique design creates the ideal wake without a large bulky product attached to your boat. The Deltas patent pending design allows it to easily be attached to either side of your boat without, cutting, drilling, Velcro or straps which reduces the appearance of your boat. It utilizes stainless steel and anodized aluminum hardware within a custom compounded high-strength UV resistant polymer body to create a durable, good-looking and extremely effective accessory for your boat.   The Delta system is shipped in a beautiful package complete with the Delta unit, storage protection, a custom designed carry bag and two Mission drink coolers.