Liquid Force Guapo Wakesurfer 2017 - 5ft2in

by Wakeboss
Sale $699.99
  • CNC Milled EPS Foam Core with Wood Stringer
  • Adjustable Center 6,5in Longboard Style Single Fin
  • Single to Double Concave Hull with Beveled Rails at Nose with Tip Concave
  • Full EVA Deck

Product Description

The name Guapo says it all and this handsome new Liquid Force mini longboard is all about good looks and style. This wakesurfer has a full bodied shape and beveled rails that allow for smooth effortless rides and the concave hull keeps the board humming along at a nice pace. There is an adjustable single center fin box lets you adjust the ride and move it forward for a looser feel or bring it back for a tighter, more driven feel. The Guapo loosens your style and lets your ride becomes more about the flow and less about the go, go, go! Jam a turn off the tail,get in the curl, glide, and hang 5 and your summer is guaranteed to be a lot more fun with this unique shape added to your quiver. Features: Single Center Skim Fin, EPS Foam Core with Stringer, Square Grooved EVA Pads with Kick Stop and Arch Bar, Weight Range: 51in up to 180lbs / 55in 150-180lbs / 59in 180-250lbs Model Year: 2017, Product ID: 446621, Model Number: 2175415, GTIN: 0013576999395