Babolat and PIQ Wearable Tennis Swing Analyzer with Serve Speed and Swing Type Tracking

Sale $178.00
  • This featherweight wearable device from Babolat and PIQ straps to your wrist to monitor your performance during practice or matches
  • Every swing is tracked and analyzed to provide you with details about how well you are playing. The technology monitors your swing, spin, speed and stroke type to give you a complete overview of your game.
  • Find out how fast you served the ball with a quick glance at the bright LCD display on your wrist
  • The Babolat and PIQ app on your smartphone will download all of the information from the sensor and provide a graphical readout of your performance, highlighting the best parts of your game - these Winning Factors help you improve in the next round.
  • Use the community features to track your performance against your friends

Product Description

Babolat And PIQ is the most advanced wearable technology for tennis on the market. With this featherweight sensor and its accessory, you'll play tennis like you've never played before! Babolat And PIQ shows you all you need to know about your game, be it the type of strokes you played the most or how fast you've hit the ball. Babolat And PIQ will record that information and provide you with unique insights on your game.