DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter w/ 4K Camera, 3-Axis Gimbal & Manufacturer Accessories + 2 Extra DJI Batteries + Professional Video Equipment Backpack for DJI + MORE

by SSE Photo & Video
Sale $1,399.99
  • Gimbal Stabilized 4K Camera; Camera Takes 12MP Still Photos
  • 720p HD App-Based Monitoring; Gimbal Control Dials on Transmitter
  • GPS for Enhanced Stability and Failsafes; Auto-Takeoff / Auto Return Home
  • Vision Sensor for Indoor Flight; Up to 23 Minutes Flying Time
  • 3 Intelligent LiPo Flight Batteries; Mobile Device Holder Included

Product Description

A complete 4K camera and 3-axis gimbal system come integrated with the Phantom 3 Professional edition quadcopter from DJI. In addition to video, the camera is capable shooting up to 12MP still photos using JPEG or non-proprietary DNG RAW format. The gimbal's three axes give you pan and tilt control, and keep the horizon line level even as the aircraft banks. Gimbal settings allow the camera to lock onto a fixed subject, be moved manually using transmitter rotaries or the app, or provide camera stabilization. This bundle is "ready-to-fly," meaning the basics to get you in the air are included - a flight battery, charger, and pre-bound handheld transmitter (radio controller), and 16GB microSD card among them. Depending on use, you may also require additional memory cards, flight batteries, a mobile device to access the app, and possibly other accessories. Also note that a number of important compass and GPS calibration steps must be taken before flying to ensure the flight control computer operates correctly. Please refer to the manual or Quick Start Guide before your first flight.

Kit Includes:
DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter Drone with 4K UHD Video Camera

Manufacturer Accessories Include:
DJI Handheld Transmitter (Radio Controller)
Intelligent Flight Battery
100W Battery Charger
4 x 9450 Self-Tightening Propeller Set
Gimbal Clamp
Lexar 16GB 633x microSD Card
Micro-USB Cable
Landing Gear Pads
Propeller Wrench
5 x Gold, Silver, Red, Blue, Pink

Additional Accessories Include:
2 Intelligent Flight Batteries
Multi-Battery Charging Board for DJI Phantom 3
Professional Video Equipment Backpack for DJI Phantom 3
SanDisk Extreme 32GB UHS-I/U3 Micro SDHC Memory Card
SSE Quick-Release Snap On/Off Prop Guards (Set of 4)
SSE Transmitter Lanyard
Microfiber Cleaning Cloth