Juicebox Battery for Blackmagic Micro, Pocket, Cinema and Production Cameras

by Juicebox Direct
Sale $109.00
  • Compatible with Blackmagic Micro Studio/Production Cameras, Cinema/Production Cameras 2.5k/4k and Pocket Cinema Cameras
  • Super high capacity (58wh); 3+ hours with BMCC, 7+ hours with BMPCC and Micro Studio Cam
  • Fully mountable, external battery that is adaptable to your Blackmagic rig
  • Built with overcharge and discharge protection; completely safe for your camera
  • Includes 12v smart charger

Product Description

The Magic Power battery by Juicebox is the perfect answer for filmmakers who want a high capacity, mountable, external battery for their BMCC, BMPCC, and Micro Studio Cam. At one-third the price of our nearest competitors' models, the Magic Power battery is built with the highest quality, lithium ion cells, can be recharged more than 500 times with no memory effect and is made highly durable and mountable in almost any configuration. Juicebox is a small and growing company, founded by filmmakers, dedicated to providing high end, affordable film gear. We appreciate your support!