TenTenTI 100% Merino Wool Balaclava - Soft Comfortable Premium Breathable Mask

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  • ✮MADE OF MERINO WOOL: Merino Wool is Typical in High-End, Performance Athletic Wear and is Meant For Use in Skiing, Cycling, Running, Hiking, Riding (Motorcycle), Hunting, and in Other Types of Outdoor Activities. Merino Wool Naturally Wicks Off Moisture Feeling Dry On Skin. Highly Breathable Keeping Cool In The Summer. Merino Wool Is Naturally Antibacterial And Resists Smelling More Than Synthetic Fibres (e.g. Polyester and Cotton)
  • ✮HINGED DESIGN: Lower Piece of the Balaclava Easily Moves Under the Chin or Over the Mouth and Nose While It Is Long Enough to Protect the Neck As Well
  • ✮ONE SIZE FITS MOST: Fits Large for Children But Fits Most Adults. Stretches 4 Ways and Returns to Original Size When Not in Tension
  • ✮NATURAL AND SUSTAINABLE: Merino Wool Is An Entirely Renewable Natural Resource. Gental On the Skin, Soft On the Planet
  • ✮PERFECT FOR OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES & SPORTS: Bike, Cycling, Running, Hiking, Mountain Trekking, Hunting, Shooting, Snowboarding, Snowmobile, Camplng, Airsoft Paintball, Skiing, Snow Machining

Product Description

TenTenTI's Merino Wool Hinged Balaclava


Merino Wool is the MOST fitting fibre for base layers

- Merino Wool is engineered by nature for performance
- Our Merino Wool comes from Merino Sheep of Australia. While synthetic fibres are manufactured from non-renewable oil, Merino Wool is a natural resource that is renewable and biodegradable.
- In the spectrum of fibres, Merino Wool is one of the most MOISTURE WICKING fibres. It is also naturally BREATHABLE consequently, it is one of the only fibres that keeps you warm in the cold and cool in the heat.
- Merino Wool is also naturally ODOR RESISTANT as wool is anti-bacterial. It also offers naturally high UV protection and is fire resistant.

Unique Design

- Hinged face mask design provides adjustable face coverage.
- Headphone opening allows equipping headphones from the outside.
- Worn as as a full face ski mask, open face balaclava or as a neck gaiter.

Superior Quality

- Our manufacturer has been making Merino Wool Apparel exclusively for over 10 years with focus on providing the best quality apparels.
- Our focus is on providing products with focus on premium fabric along with the most functional design, that's why the only label you will find is the wash tag.

At TenTenTI, we are focused on quality and customer service. Contact us for any questions or suggestions. We are always learning and striving to improve - that is our backing principle.

This product is backed by our 100% No Hassle, Money Back or Replacement Guarantee

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