SOUL Electronics SOUL Electronics SJ27GD SOUL Jet Pro 24K Gold Hi Definition Noise Cancelling Headphones, Gold

Sale $599.99
  • Glamorous Design. Improved Engineering - Redesigned from the original JET headphones, the JET PRO is the ultimate noise cancelling headphones engineered to perfection.
  • Tested by Military Noise Cancelling & Audio Expert - A new 4 microphone system located inside and outside the headphone to help better detect and reduce unwanted noise for superior audio.
  • Professional Audio Cable - Enhanced audio quality by including a secondary pro audio cable with 4X silver plated 99.99% high purity oxygen free copper stranded wire.
  • Ultra Comfort - The Complete over-ear design with proprietary ear pads provides more ear room for overall comfort. Passively cancels out exterior noise and enhances stability.
  • Made For Travel - Designed with one goal in mind; giving the active traveler and music enthusiast the best listening experience. It also includes a fashionable leather carrying pouch and adapters for your travelling needs.

Product Description

Glamorously designed in a class of its own, the JET PRO has taken noise cancellation headphones to a new level. We mastered the four- microphone noise cancelling technology to reduce unwanted noise. Better yet, you can now enjoy maximum audio quality with a secondary 4X silver plated 99.99% high purity oxygen free copper stranded wire cable in comfort.