GoSun Sport Pro Pack

by Outdoor Paradise USA
Sale $358.00
  • THE ULTIMATE SOLAR COOKING PACKAGE - Contains a GoSun Sport and everything you need to make full use of it, including a durable padded Carrying Case for secure travel and an extra Cooking Tray for prepping your next dish. GoSun anywhere!
  • EASY AND DELICIOUS - Just load with food and relax, no monitoring required. The stove retains your food's flavor and nutrition cooking from 360°, like a slow cooker, but faster. Bake, roast, steam and saute, nothing is off limits! When finished cooking, just keep the tray closed to keep your food hot and ready to eat for hours, no Sun required.
  • FAST AND RELIABLE - Cooks a meal in as little as 20 minutes, reaching temperatures up to 550°F (290°C) in full sunlight. Light clouds on the radar? No problem! The GoSun Sport is so effective at capturing ultraviolet light and holding its heat, that if you can see a defined shadow, you can cook!
  • PORTABLE AND DURABLE - Reflectors and base fold into a sturdy 7.5lb clamshell case with carrying handles. Completely submersible and designed for adventure, these stoves can take a beating.
  • TWO YEAR WARRANTY* - Designed in Cincinnati, Ohio USA, this is an original GoSun Stove. If a tube breaks for any reason, we've got you covered with a free replacement for the first two years. (*Only applicable for Amazon orders from GoSun Stove or Brookstone, as all other dealers are unsanctioned and likely selling replicas.)

Product Description

GoSun Sport ProPack includes one GoSun Sport Solar Oven (includes Cooking Tray and Cleaning Scrubby), plus Padded Carrying Case and an Extra Cooking Tray

Providing practical, fuel-free cooking solutions, GoSun Stove gets you outdoors so you can live a more healthy and abundant life. GoSun has designed a line of high efficiency solar ovens that quickly and reliably make food without fuel. Able to feed two people in just 20 minutes while remaining safe to touch. The standard GoSun Sport package includes a Vacuum Tube Oven, two Parabolic Reflectors that hinge to protect the tube in transport, a Stainless Steel Cooking Tray with integrated Silicone Seal and Wooden Handle for getting food in and out, a Cleaning Scrubby, and a Carrying Handle that becomes the Integrated Stand. The ProPack's durable Carrying Case (made of abrasion resistant Nylon) and extra Cooking Tray are perfect for your next adventure outdoors. Includes Two-Year, No-Questions-Asked-Warranty