Yes Men's Pippi Mid 12 Putter (Right-Hand)

by Great Golf Sales
Sale $67.97
  • The naked eye can't see it, but when a regular putter face impacts a golf ball it results in loft causing skidding, side- and even back-spinning before the ball can begin rolling forward on the green.
  • The secret is the 20-degree upward slant of the C-Groove's concentric edges. Upon contact, these edges grip the ball surface and apply physical forces that simultaneously lift the ball out of its resting position and impart an over-the-top rolling motion.
  • Balls struck with the Yes! C-Grooves invariably achieved forward roll quicker than balls struck by competitive putters which repeatedly skidded, skipped and spun before settling into forward roll in approximately 18 inches.
  • And the sooner a ball achieves smooth forward roll, the better the line it will have and the less likely it is to be affected by aberrations in the green. In short, more putts will drop in.
  • Even when struck up to a quarter of an inch off center, the C-Groove putter rolls the ball sooner and more consistently. Even when struck on the right line, these effects are the principal causes of missed putts.

Product Description

Yes! Golf is the emerging leader in the field of advanced putter design and related technology. Today, Yes! putters, with C-Groove Technology are played on every major professional tour in the U.S, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Yes! putters are steadily helping hundreds of tour pros and thousands of amateur golfers worldwide reach their highest putting potential.So the ball is more apt to be affected by any miniscule aberration it encounters.The C-Groove on every Yes! putter solves this problem better than any other putter on the market.Which is why it’s covered by multiple patents.